1. It was founded in order to train teachers for Primary Schools in 1976. The college had collaborated closely with Ministry of National Education. In 1982 it became one of the colleges of University of Ankara. After the foundation of Çankırı Karatekin University in 2007, Çankırı Technical and Business College became a part of this new university.
  2. Çankırı Technical and Business College has taken great steps since the beginning of 1985 till 1991 with the aid of the first Industrial Education Project, carried out by the World Bank and the Higher Education Council of Turkey,
  3. Lecturers had the chance of having technical education for a period of 3 and 9 months in England and the United States.
  4. The laboratories and workshops which cost 5 million U.S. dollars were established and developed.
  5. Programmes have been designed again to prepare the students for the world of work, to enhance their career prospects and increase their learning and applying potential.

    College had about 200 students, 3 programmes 5 instructor, 10 staff in 1983
    Now, Cankiri College has about 3800 students, 20 programmes (12 second education) 65 full time, 20 part time instructors.
    Cankiri Karatekin University Technical and Business College has full equipped 35 Laboratories and Workshops, well-educated instructors, upgraded curriculum programmes to educate higher technicians for Turkish and global industry.